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How To: Decking Cleaner

How To: Decking Cleaner

Decking Cleaner by Green Terminator works on all types of wooden decking, including composite decking and hardwood decking. Remove dirt, grime, and green infestations from your decking with three quick and easy steps.

  Step 1 - Equipment and Preparation

Decking Cleaner can be used by anyone and only requires a few basics. As a powder-cleaner, Decking Cleaner must be mixed with hot water and brushed on directly to your decking. You will need the following:

  • Decking Cleaner (1kg, 4kg, or 15kg)
  • 1* litre of hot water (*dependent on the size of area you are treating)
  • A stiff brush or scrubber

  Step 2 - Mix and Apply on to Your Decking 

Mix a few scoops of Decking Cleaner with hot water until the powder has dissolved completely. This should only take a couple of minutes. Pour the solution on to your decking and scrub it on - particularly for heavily contaminated areas.

  Step 3 - Wait a Few Minutes and Wash Away

After scrubbing on, wait for around 3-5 minutes for the solution to work. Next, pressure wash or hose away the residue to make your wooden decking look as good as new! Store your extra Decking Cleaner for year-round use.