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How To: Restore Wash

How To: Restore Wash

Restore Wash is the newest product in the Green Terminator range from our sister company Artemis Cleaning Products. It contains sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide and is very effective at removing tough stains from hard surfaces, including render, paving, stone and concrete and roof tiles.

  Step 1 - Equipment and Preparation

Render Cleaner requires a low pressure pump sprayer for application. We have a selection of over-shoulder sprayers and knapsack sprayers available in a range of sizes - including 4 litre, 8 litre, 12 litre and 20 litre tank capacities. 

Prior to application, hose down any surrounding surfaces (including plant beds, window frames, doors...) that you don’t want to treat with clean cold water. This will form a protective layer that will last while you use Render Cleaner.

  Step 2 - Sample on a Test Area

Using your low pressure sprayer, apply a sample onto a small test area of the surface that you would like to treat and leave for 10 minutes. Wash off to see the difference Render Cleaner will make and proceed if you are happy.

  Step 3 - Apply on to Your Surface & Wait

Fill your low pressure sprayer with a sufficient amount of Render Cleaner (leaving space for air compression) and spread an even mist over your dry surface, applying generously to more stubborn stains. Wait for around 10-15 minutes.

 Step 4 - Rinse Down & Scrub Any Residue

Some residual stains may remain is heavily contaminated areas, but can be easily removed with a stiff brush. Finish by rinsing off the surface with clean water (ideally with a hose) and your surface will look as good as new!