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How To: Green Terminator

How To: Green Terminator

Green Terminator Remover and Green Terminator Inhibitor are products that anybody can use. In a few simple steps, you can treat your roof, driveway, tennis court, garden path or any other exterior hard surface for year round protection. 

  Step 1 - Prepare The Surface

Green Terminator will work on any green infestations without any heavy preparation or pre-treatment required. For the best results, we recommend you use a stiff brush to remove the top-layer of growth.

  Step 2 - Dilution and Application

  • Light Growth Dilution Ratio:  1:6 (Green Terminator:Water)
  • Recommended Dilution Ratio:  1:4 (Green Terminator:Water)
  • Heavy Growth Dilution Ratio: 1:2  (Green Terminator:Water).

Mix Green Terminator Remover or Inhibitor with cold water with a dilution rate based on the level of infestation that you are treating. Apply on with with a standard gardening watering can, or a low pressure pump sprayer for the best results.

  Step 3 - Wait a Day and Wash Away

In most cases, results can be seen within 24-48 hours. This depends on the weather and ambient conditions in your area, so we suggest waiting up to 72 hours to see the full results.

Once effects are seen, you can get rid of the residue immediately by using a high pressure hose to wash down the surface. Alternatively, weather and general footfall will do that job for you over the proceeding days.